The ask 'Real estate brokerage firm in Philippines'

Hi I am running a small real estate brokerage firm in Philippines, I am looking for customized real estate CRM for my needs. I talked to some Zoho guys they suggest me to go with Zoho one but its not as I want. I need a full system customization with following features on web and on app:

1. Acquiring Listings Process from Developer, individuals and institutions

2. Pre Marketing – Listing Preparation

3. Marketing Hub, email, social, Google PPC etc.

4. Lead Collection from all sources, Property Matching as per requirement Lead Pre Scanning & Appointment Setup, Distribution, management, follow up etc. – Complete Lead Cycle, communication

5. Viewing/ Meeting

6. Sales Closing

7. After Sale

8. Customer Service

9. Documents Management

10. Rental Management

11. E-mail Templates

12. Listings Management (Inventory), Sharing Settings

13. Company Finance

14. Task management – to do list etc

15. Recruitment, On boarding, HR

16. Reports

17. Collaboration

18. Blogs, Content Writing etc

19. Business Processes

20. Checklists, KPIs

Let me know the customization cost and timeline for it.



Zoho Solution:

An extensive list of requirements. What they needed is an customized ZOHO One Suite for to be able to run their business - from handling leads management all the way to Sale closing and relevant finance transaction management. We delivered a basic system in 7 days & $250 that handled very generic requirements but not the unique business use cases. We wanted to deliver a reasonable functional system that processes the data without stalling. We suggested a phased approach for the rest. The timeline for that was another 14 days and different price, but in the least you can rely on the data your system delivers. ZOHO One does have all the apps they needed #1,2,4,6,7,11,14, 16,20 - CRM; #3 - SOCIAL & Campaign; #8 - Desk; #12,16 - Inventory, #13,16, 20 - Books; #5 - Meeting.

We can send a proposal with details on how we have handled this project using a phased approach.