Zoho for Bakery Shop

Bakers Cakes, prepare custom fancy yummy cakes for special occasions like weddings. A custom cake order, each order is unique and very personalized for that customer. Manual order entry was very tedious, consuming about 20 minutes to even an hour for each customer. This is because each cake could have several tiers. Each tier could have a lot of custom options like icing, cake flavor, decorations and so on.

Zoho Creator:

After creating a Zoho One login, we quickly created an Order Entry Form and drag-and-dropped all the fields that were in the paper entry form they were using so far. We started using it and feeding in all the data.

Custom CRM design:

All the lead's emails, live chats, campaigns, events, social media posts, deals, and surveys are aggregated into a common timeline. This allows you to better understand your customer's purchasing habits, design better marketing campaigns, and engage in informed business decisions.

3rd App Party Integrations:

Integrations included G Suite, WordPress, MailChimp, Evernote, and Unbounce. We also integrated Zoho CRM with products from Zoho's own suite, like Books, SalesIQ, Campaigns, Mail, and Projects.


In the Orders’ Report, notice that the “Payment Details” column also has similar issues. Remember, that this has a HUGE impact on your business’ revenue; when you can’t track payments effectively, it’s murderous on your business!