Teamwork & Dashboards

Salons Group is “ALL IN” when it comes to the success of their people. They go above and beyond to make their salons the ultimate place to pursue a career in the industry.

After understanding their goals and challenges, we mapped out their day to day business in blueprints and used workflows to optimize the operations.


We have added dashboards that gave EBITDA on the Y axis and Salon name on the X axis, sorted by the highest to the lowest Salon name; giving them an instant view of their key metrics.

We integrated map in to the CRM home screen and mapped out the salons by location giving them an easy access to them.

Custom Views:

Quick views to present Salons with Lease End Date less than 90 days. Sorted with earliest Lease End Date. Salons with Option Notice less than 90 days. Sorted with earliest Option Notice. Salons with Lease Status Change in the last 30 days are some of the custom views we set up to give the critical information organized and sorted in the most efficient way that makes sense to the business.


Automated email alerts and tasks to the relevant staff and escalations to the line managers on overdue tasks. 90 days before the lease ends. 90 days before an option ends are some of the automations that salons group has definitely appreciated.


Custom reports that presented year wise information per salon sorted by Annual rent, Annual CAM, Total $, Inc/Dec, and Base Rent PSF in a matrix view.