Your Zoho Request

" We are a mortgage bank and Real Estate development firm. We are needing our CRM customized for our business. What details do you need from me? "

Our free consultation response

Do you currently have any CRM or is this a brand new process automation attempt? We could certainly start with CRM to automate your sales process. I am assuming that you’d then want to extend your automation to listings and finance management using Inventory, Books etc? Basic CRM automation with roles, permissions, data sharing, workflows & notifications etc would be $XXX / 5 days delivery. You will have your primary sales process automated and system would be ready for other app integrations. Please be aware that we don’t know the specifics of your operations and can’t say if it will need any custom code. Normally we ask for requirements and then send a proposal for the implementation.

Custom Workflows:

Let’s walk through the workflows. Automate lead generation from the website, initiated by a form submission. It triggers a bunch of notifications and redirects the visitor to fill in a Loan application. Optional, can be done online or an in person form. In any case, all of this info will be fed into the CRM. And appropriate roles would be alerted with this incoming info. Meaning assigned to appropriate folks - Broker and another role.

Next is contacting the customer and approval. Email E7c form and track until paid. Payment can be tracked both online or outside the system. And once paid, the customer is now a Contact. We can set up an approval process is in the system, and once ‘approved’, the status is duly noted in the record. And emails/ text alerts are required as part of contacting customer. We will build a logical flow to escalate this when customer does not respond. The last part is sending a survey to the Contact. These are for the listings. And once it proceeds to a sell, you bring in closing, title and the rest of those details. .


In addition to setting up the CRM, we will set up Forms & a payment gateway. In you currently have a form in your site and want to bring in just the data, that can be done as well. If there is a need for a custom module, in addition to the existing ones, we can create them as well.