Call for help!

"Hello, I would like help to get started with Zoho. I need to start of with synchronizing the data from HubSpot and then synchronize with calendly and sign request. I have sorted my leads with lifecycle in HubSpot and want it in Zoho. I have tried importing from HubSpot but my sorting was lost. I also have some smaller automations set up with Zapier, calendly and signrequest Best "

Lets get started:

Elaborate on your line of business to help us understand the nature of the data. And would you need a live integration or import data from hubspot into ZOHO? How many records would this be? In app functionalities will not be reflected in data that is extracted. We will need to first upload the data into ZOHO, ensure that it is laid out in the same organized fashion as it was in HubSpot. And then create views to reflect your slicing and dicing of data. ZOHO does have extensions for Zapier, Calendly. Signrequest - I have to check. Pretty sure it is not currently available. Zoho has their own Digita Signature app - Zoho Sign.

Create Email Template for Campaign:

I have completed is the basic log in to zoho and I tried uploading to a campaign but they went to contacts instead. Our email domain is with godaddy and our primary email sender is rack space. I can provide access to all, Zoho, godaddy, backspace. Can you move the 5100 contacts to the campaign too?

Once Campaign and CRM are integrated, Campaign will be able to read from your CRM.

1. To get your sales inbox only, without any other setup.

2. If you need CRM setup - access, permissions, roles, data sharing etc.

3. To get the email template ready for Campaign.

4. To move Leads, we will create one email template for the campaign. we will ensure that it is mapped appropriately and all data gets loaded into system.