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what defines us ?

"We" are defined by our team, our people. What we stand for, what we stand by, and what we care for.

We started in 2018 out of a desire to help set up affordable, cloud based business software to the home based and small to medium sized businesses in New York and the rest of the WORLD!.

We are a small but professional team of consultants that have been using and implementing Zoho and other cloud software for over 5 years. Together, we have been in the IT industry for over 2 decades.

We're able to utilize the resource pool of our India team and our partners in Europe and Asia to get your project done at an affordable price, within budget, and on time.

Celebrating 2 years of delivering value!

Our mission since 2018: Deliver the best value to our customers dollars. Do what's right!. Two years later, we have 120+ businesses that love us.

Cheers to 2 years! Here's a list of Businesses we helped!


We understand small businesses like nobody does. We understand the pressures and pain points. We understand the value that needs to be delivered. We are committed to providing quality advice and service, from planning to implementation, and a system that meets the demands and exceeds all expectations.

Our Approach

We adopt Agile development practices for software development. Our approach is to primarily focus on developing automated workflows that are inherently flexible and efficient. Our team is trained to convert mundane, redundant business models into optimized and high efficiency designs. Our work is a result of several years of experience in designing, programming, planning, and testing software implementations. We lean towards Agile methodology as it has been proven to be fantastic at optimizing businesses like design and product development.

Our Process

Sample Workflows

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